New Year Resolutions

With the New Year in full swing comes new goals, aspirations, and desires. Some of you may believe in New Year Resolutions, while some of you may not believe in them. Our New Year Resolutions typically consist of goals such as being more active, eating healthier food, or simply trying to be a better version of ourselves. What if in 2019 we could do all that plus more?

Cuties Lemonade & More offers a wide variety lemonade flavors that are not only simply made, but also simply delicious. These lemonades consist of four ingredients: lemons, fruit of choice, pure sugar, and alkaline water. Unlike any other lemonade, they leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated ready to conquer the day.

1. Living an active lifestyle

For those of you that are wanting to be more active, alkaline water is the perfect touch in our lemonade that promotes extra hydrating. Work out lovers, consider stopping at one of Cuties Lemonade & More locations to taste a drink that will make your mouth water while giving you a boost of hydration. We guarantee that your thirst will be quenched!

2. Eating healthier food

In this current day and time finding a drink that is full of flavor and healthy is not as easy as it sounds. Health gurus are very familiar with the term high fructose corn syrup. This ingredient is added in a variety of foods and drinks. We have good news for you though! Our lemonade has no added unnecessary ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup. At Cuties Lemonade & More we like to keep it as simple as possible while still wowing our customers with extravagant tastes and flavors. If your New Year Resolution is to be healthier, we are able to fulfill that wish for you!

3. Being a better version of yourself!

We all know the term “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but what does this term truly mean? Each of us have difficult days. How we choose to face those difficulties is fully dependent on our attitude. Cuties Lemonade & More strives to have a positive outlook on everything in life. We may make delicious lemonade when life gives us lemons, but we also do more than that. We want to spread kindness, energy, and positivity through every lemonade we serve. Not only do we want to be better versions of ourselves, but also we want YOU to be a better version of yourself!

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