Spring Clean With Lemons

The first day of spring is right around the corner. For all you spring cleaners…. let’s talk a little bit about our main ingredient: lemons. Perfect for cleaning, hydration, health, and taste. We always say when life gives us lemons make lemonade. This is definitely true because who doesn’t love a nice cup of cold lemonade for some cheering up. But… what about all the other things we can do with lemons? Since we mostly use lemons in the kitchen, let’s talk about some non-traditional ways we can use this vibrant fruit in that area.

1. Lemon and Salt

When it comes to cleaning appliances such as our sinks, we typically reach for the chemical filled cleaners and sponges. What if instead we could use all natural ingredients. Ditch the chemical cleaners, and try out a lemon salt exfoliation. Slice a lemon in half and sprinkle some sea salt on the half. Use that half to scrub away all the germs! Lemons kill all the bacteria and salt provides a deep clean.

2. Lemon Sponge

Has your fridge ever smelt a little off? Maybe you forgot about some leftover pizza in there and it has been creating a not-so pleasant odor, or maybe your veggies make your fridge smell a little funny. Whether it was leftover pizza or funny-scented veggies, lemons are the perfect solution to stench. Simply get a sponge and soak it up with lemon juice. Place that sponge in the fridge and notice your fridges stench go away!

3. Garbage Disposal Cleaner

We all know that lemons have a distinct, strong smell that leaves your kitchen smelling fresh. Rather than throwing away squeezed lemons, simply toss them in the disposal. Your lemons will not be going to waste and your kitchen will smell brand new!

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